We believe your teens and tweens deserve comfy, age-appropriate sleepwear & clothing.

Because from small things BIG things grow. 


Love Haidee Australia pyjama and clothing brand

Have you found the answer to your teenage sleepwear dilemmas?

We sense you haven't. And that's why you're here.

We get it. 

Because we've been there. 

Love Haidee started out of a personal search for teenage sleepwear that... 

  • Believes in comfort and classic style
  • Chooses considered details over fast-moving trends
  • Rocks age-appropriate over baby-ish or too revealing
  • Delivers made-to-last quality at a family-friendly pricetag 

All without unicorns or princesses, slogans or sequins in sight.  

Here's your personal invite to experience PJs that teenage dreams are made of. 

Your aspiring dreamer will love them.  

And so will you!

"Our second PJ purchase and these are as buttery soft and excellent quality as our first pair. Love the colour and we know that these will hold up to the regular washing required for our favourite PJs. Beautifully packaged and an excellent product. Thank you!"   

Sian Marta 


Love Haidee is small business at its best.

Born out of necessity. Today a much-loved sleep-time fix for teen and tween girls.

What started as an innocent idea quickly spiralled into something much bigger. 

As it turned out, we were not alone. 

There was a genuine need among parents like you for the perfect blend of teenage comfort, style and quality. 

With its MANY opportunities.

Without repurposing what's already out there - and NOT doing the job! 

As a small business we have the unique opportunity to...

  • Go all in
  • Back our vision
  • Deliver on a promise
  • Create something truly special

And we seem to have done something right. 

Because a growing number of comfort-loving families (and even The Iconic) is giving Love Haidee the thumbs up. 

Are you going to join them? 

How it all started. 

Love Haidee Founder, Emma and daughter Ella

Hey, I'm Emma.

Love Haidee Founder, mum of a teenager, BIG dreamer

I have very vivid childhood memories of moments in time with my grandmother Haidee (pronounced "Hay-dee"). 

She was a talented seamstress, artist and an all-round beautiful soul. 

We spent many hours painting t-shirts with 'puff paints' and I class this as my first foray into fashion design. And yes, puff paint is a clear giveaway that I'm a kid of the 80s. 

I thank these pockets of creativity for the confidence to turn Love Haidee from a spontaneous spark into an ACTUAL thing. 

Something that today lights me up beyond words.

It all started after yet another sleepwear shopping trip in late 2018 with my gorgeous teenage daughter, Ella. 

She was 12 at the time. Bright, curious and strong-minded. A typical teenage girl. 

We spent hours in our local shopping centre on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Without much luck!

In the spur of the moment, we joked that we should simply create what we couldn't find. A well-intended joke at the time. 

But a few family conversations, a lingering idea and many design concepts later, in November 2019 Love Haidee unbelievably delivered what I couldn't find on the market. 

The answer to the woes of families like mine had been living for far too long. 

What we created?

Arguably the world's most comfy and age-appropriate PJs for tween and teen girls. 

PJs for when you want to fit in, but you also want to stand out.

PJs for all shapes and sizes. 

And I believe my grandmother's encouragement back as a child has something to do with it. 

But I couldn't do it without my daughter, Ella. 

Resident Teenager, Head Product Tester, Chief Tech Guru

Ella's been the backbone of Love Haidee since day 1. 

And I've loved sharing this journey with her every step of the way.

Always up to feature in a product shoot with her friends.

A champion at whipping up funky graphics for our socials. 

And generally my most trusted and honest product tester. 

Love Haidee Australian pyjamas and clothing brand

The Love Haidee Way

In a Nutshell

We embrace all shapes and sizes.

Teenage girls have enough things on their plate. And being body-conscious shouldn't be one of them. That's why Love Haidee sleepwear is intentionally designed to be flattering for everyone. 

We promote body positivity.

Here at Love Haidee we make a conscious choice to feature teenage girls in all their naturally intended glory. Never photoshopped. Always natural.  

We do our bit for the planet. 

As an online business, we do our bit to reduce our impact on the planet. Compostable mailing satchels, acid-free FSC-certified tissue paper and a single layer of weather-proofing plastic are our contributions. We're not perfect. But it's a start.