Teen Girls Clothing and Sleepwear

High quality, age appropriate clothing and sleepwear for girls in that tricky stage between being kids and becoming young women.

Sizes 8-16. Designed with comfort in mind.
Shop our signature print tops and tanks or create your dream PJs with our luxuriously soft mix and match girls pyjama separates range. 


I screamed silently to myself with a stream of resounding “no’s” ringing in my ears as we traipsed through yet another store on a mission, searching for that elusive piece of clothing that we can both be happy with ..

“No, it’s too babyish ..
“No, it’s too short ..
“Nope, I don’t like the colour ..
“No, it’s too tight ..
“Nope, I don’t like the fabric, it doesn’t feel nice..
“No, it’s too low cut..
“No, it just doesn’t fit right ..
Sound familiar?
When I spoke to other Mum’s with girls a similar age the story was the same... 
.. and so Love Haidee was born.
Born out of all the failed shopping trips unable to find just simple, age-appropriate clothes that fit properly and that my daughter actually wanted to wear.

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